Core Features

Reaction Roles

Reaction roles is a powerful feature. You can create reaction roles in any channel. A user with manage guild can do:
!reactroles <emoji> <role id> <emoji> <role id> ...
For example:
!reactroles 😭 546412536522735629 ❤️ 1239834129847 💕 3498234789
Here, an emoji is any emoji on your guild such as 👍., and a role id is obtained by: going to guild settings, then the role menu, then right clicking on the role you want and hitting copy id. As seen here:
Note, if you do not see copy id be sure you enable developer mode.


Reminder Command

An extremely useful feature is reminders. Reminders are great for when you need to schedule a task, or remind yourself to help a user in a few hours. The command is:
!remind <number> <timeunit>; <message>
For example:
!remind 12 h; Say hello to @Jeff.
Causes Pagibot to ping you in 12 hours to say hello to jeff.

View Reminders

Administrators with the manage guild permission can open a menu to see reminders on their guild, and delete them with the !viewreminds command.
For example:

Moderation Commands

Pagibot gives a suite of commands to your moderators.


People with the ban permission can use:
!ban <@user|userid>
For example:
!ban @Badperson OR !ban 279046982385926145


People with the kick permission can use:
!kick <@user|userid>
For example:
!kick @Badperson OR !kick 279046982385926145


People with the clear permission can use:
!clear <number>
For example:
!clear 20Clears 20 messages.


User input is important to run a successful guild. So we empower user voice through an easy poll system. Polls can automatically close, and are reaction driven. The command is:
!poll <time m|h>; <Title>; <option 1>; <option 2>; ...
For example:
!poll 12 h; Should we ban jeff?; Yes; No
Creates a poll that will close in 12 hours on whether we should ban 'jeff' with two options.

General User Commands


Users are able to display anyone's avatar with:
!avatar <@user|id>
For example:
!avatar @Jeff OR !avatar 129834012784
Will return the avatar of Jeff. If no parameter is supplied (just !avatar) it will return the avatar of the command sender.

User Info

Users are able to display user information such as server join date, discord registration, and roles by using:
!userinfo <@user|id>
For example:
!userinfo @Jeff or !userinfo 120993232
Will return a user information display containing join date, registration, and roles. If no parameter (just !userinfo) is supplied, it will show information about the command sender.


Users can view the amount of people in a given server with the command:


Roll the dice with:
!roll <x number>d<y number> <+|-> <z number>


There are several help commands, almost all information from them is covered in this documentation site:
!help - user help
!modhelp - moderator help
!confhelp - help configuring pagibot
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